Any donation to the Fire Island Land Trust will be extremely helpful to protect and preserve local lands on Fire Island.  We depend on the generous support of donors to continue our land conservation and restoration work.

We encourage you to join our organization by becoming a member or otherwise supporting our mission by providing a gift or bequest.  The Trust accepts Memorial Gifts and Bequests, as well as Conservation Gifts of land.  The Trust also accepts contribution of services, such as those by licensed appraisers or other professionals, and volunteer opportunities may be available to lead hikes or provide expertise to this growing organization.       

For more information on supporting the Fire Island Land Trust, please click here to contact us.

  By Mail: Please download, fill out, and print out the Membership Form and mail to:

Fire Island Land Trust
PO Box 250
Sayville, NY 11782

By Fax: Please download, fill out, and print the Membership Form and fax to: 631-293-4075

Online: Use our secure online form below using Google or Paypal.

By Phone: You can use your MasterCard/Visa by calling us at 631-482-7776.

If you would like to make a gift In Memory or In Honor of a special person(s), please indicate the type of gift and the individual(s) you would like recognized on the form.

Note: This organization is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

To donate using Paypal, please select your level of support and click "buy now" below to join us as a member or donate on someone else's behalf.  The Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductable to the extent allowable by law.

Level of Support


A gift in memory of a loved one or friend is a special tribute to those who appreciated the beauty of Fire Island.  Please provide the name of the person being memorialized.  You may also provide the name and address of a family member or friend of the deceased to whom we can send an acknowledgment of your gift.

Donors should discuss his/her conservation goals with Fire Island Land Trust in advance to be sure that these goals can be met.

Procedures for Making a Bequest

Making a gift to the Fire Island Land Trust through a bequest in a will and/or a revocable living trust allows the donor to decide how his/her estate will be distributed. A charitable donation through a bequest also enables the donor to take advantage of tax-saving opportunities that preserve as much of the estate as possible by lowering estate taxes that must be paid by heirs. There are several types of bequests, and donors are urged to discuss their plans with an attorney or financial advisor before any decisions are made. These bequests include:

Specific Bequest: This would be a gift of money, stocks or bonds, land, tangible personal property, or any other asset.

Specific Bequest of a Conservation Easement: A conservation easement may be placed on land after the donor’s death.  

Residuary Bequests: In this type of bequest, the donor leaves all or a part of the balance of the estate to a beneficiary after all of the specific bequests have been satisfied. The suggested wording for a residuary bequest is:

Contingent Bequests: This type of bequest provides for the disposition of the estate if one or more of the named beneficiaries fails to survive the donor. It can be used in conjunction with a specific bequest or a residuary bequest.

Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust: A donor may also use a bequest to create a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. Both will provide income to heirs and Fire Island Land Trust.


Always seek your own professional assistance.

Consult with the Fire Island Land Trust in advance before executing a will or living trust. We want to be certain that we understand your goals and can provide the correct technical details for easements to your advisor or attorney. 

For more information regarding Memorial Gifts or Bequests, please contact us.